Thursday, 28 June 2012

Veena Malik Mourns Over Not Getting Married

The dauntless Veena Malik is now grief over her kismet of not getting married since she does not has wedding line on her palm.
Veena Malik has newly discovered that she does not has the fortune of getting married in her life for which she seems very sad and desperate. Yes, perhaps, since the scandal queen Veena Malik has tried her fate many times not only in Pakistan but in India also but found no man for her.
Veena Malik had been joined in an extremely hot relationship with her Pakistani film Mohabbatan Sachiyan co-star Babrik Shah, afterward she had a big scandal by cricketer Mohammad Asif but both ended in smoke.
During her stay in Bigg Boss (season 4), Veena Malik has squash over Bollywood filmstar Ashmit Patel that also did not go long after their eviction. Meanwhile, her chase of judgment Mr Perfect via channel NDTV Imagine’s actuality swayamvar “Veena ka Vivaah” as well faced a ban on the channel.
Do all these scandals in fact have a correlation in Veena Malik’s worsening wedding plans moreover the marriage line in her hand?
Well! Fans may judge it better… other than the raunchy girl has not stopped her hunt yet. Now, Veena Malik is dating the Bollywood director Hemant Madhukar and is enjoing comfy moments with him.


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